SASAK Corporation is a diversified organization specializing in three related areas of real estate: Management, Development and Investments. We specialize in the acquisition, design, development, and management of more than 60 properties in our portfolio.
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Updated on March, 2008
In March 2008 AAP Redevelopment LLC began the construction of the 57 Unit Days Inn St. Louis. This property is a 3 story interior corridor hotel with block and brick exterior...
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The operations and management division at SASAK Corporation consists of highly skilled professionals specialized in the management of limited service hotels, gas stations....
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SASAK Corporation's success begins with development of design concepts. We cater our blueprints towards the needs of the community. Every community is unique and has different...
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In the investment sector, SASAK Corporation continues to play an important role as an investor in hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, strip centers and vacant land.
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